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Bust Out of The Box 

Are you leading rapid growth or change?

Growing your capacity to embrace change as a team or company?

Looking for fresh, creative methods to solve a problem, overcome resistance, or regenerate? 

Traditional approaches to change, often feel dry and heavy - and do not engage or shift the beliefs that underpin our habits.

Now is the time for changing how we lead change! 

The lively, fast-moving My Change Game cuts to the heart and crux of issues that slow alignment, commitment and progress.  

A great alternative to outdated "this is how we've always done it" or "done-TO-me" change efforts do not inspire modern leaders.

(which means important change and culture efforts that do not sustain or adequately address the biggest variable in change: People and free will.)



Enter, Play

My Change Game is a fun, interactive board game for team building, leadership development and organizational change. 

The Game uniqueness:

  • Renovates sound organizational change principles into a unique, fun, engaging experience (with depth and professionalism). 
  • Stimulates greater personal commitment to a desired goal and creates momentum on change, through eliciting people's playful spirit.
  • Sparks self-awareness, deepens empathy, and naturally nudges people outside their comfort zone, in areas where they have blind spots.

Played individually or as a team, My Change Game stimulates "out of the box" breakthroughs and quick momentum on common problems that surface during change: Apathy, passive-aggressive behavior, procrastination or feet-dragging, personality conflicts, endless circular conversations. 

And best of all, the playful format REALLY attracts people!   

Based on two decades of in-depth culture building, engagement and transformational change work in large and small companies, My Change Game breathes new life into efforts to lead positive, impactful change.

Consider this Game for your company change kick-off, Leadership Institute or organizational / culture change team, and give unique, fresh and attractive appeal to your leadership and change initiatives this year.

Focus conversations ... Sharpen commitment ... Increase personal responsibility. 

"Engaging and thought-provoking. Loved it!" --Kitso, Change Practitioner

"Great game flow, makes it easier to talk about a bigger goal." --Emily, SendGrid

"Fantastic! Within a few minutes, the Game shifted me from anxiety to clear action steps." --Lisa, Non-Profit Executive

Fun-spirited play that gets RESULTS.


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Lighten Up! your approach to change

Don't leave your big change to chance!

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Reveal perspectives you hadn't considered

Let go of attachments to the past

Play YOUR bigger game. It's all about YOU.

About Your Facilitator

Lisa Jackson has spent 2 decades helping leaders in large and small companies foster high performance during rapid growth and change, by aligning culture to ongoing shifts and growth in the business. 

  • 18 years’ experience in successful culture initiatives with Fortune 500 companies and Small-Medium Businesses.
  • Global and U.S. experience in mergers, new CEO transitions, rapid growth.

  • Keynote speaker and thought leader on The Modern Workplace: How a unique culture brand out-performs your competitors.

  • Author of 2 books on transforming culture.

  • Revolutionary and change agent on how to help people OWN change (versus accepting forced change.)